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Meme time... Tagged from... OMG I can't remember! ç__ç

-List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
-Tag seven people to do the same.
-Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

1 - I draw always without references but sometimes I need to see how one hand works or one limb or whatever... so I watch myself in front at the mirror even if, I swear, I'm truly embarassed to watch myself at the mirror. When I haven't a mirror I try to imagine the pose like a 3D model made with some simple forms! LOL! If I have to draw a right hand in some kind of pose I copy mine and draw with the left hand... the result is something messy and shaky but I fix it later! ^^

2 - I sit in the most strange ways, even when I work (usually my legs are knotted in some yoga-like position LOL! XD) and my hubby laughs at me or worries about me because he always says that I'm going to lose a limb sometimes! XD

3 - I always check (at least) twice if the car is locked, if the gas is closed, if my parrots are ok, if the windows are locked. But, if someone asks me "Did you lock the car/the windows/whatever?" I check it again. (quoting paddo and xel1980 because I'm like you babes! xD)

4 - I've a fetish for my pencils/brushes/papers/colours/drawing media in general!
I love to caress them, to sniff their scent, to hear their noises, to lick them. Plus I have a thing for my rubber (I don't know how to call it, it's the soft one that seems plasticine) indeed I'm always kneading it with one hand, usually the left one... I shouldn't do that because of my wrists (they hurt a lot) but it's an addiction!

5 - I sleep few hours every night! If my hubby is sleeping when I go to bed, I cannot sleep well because I need to embrace him till I fall asleep. So poor hubby, I embrace him even if he's sleeping and usually he rouses a bit to give me 3 kisses (I need 3 kisses, really! Or no sleep for me! Neither these few hours! XD) Poor my hubby, he is so patient with me! -___- but I'm patient with him too because he snooooooore like a train in the gallery! LOL

6 - I collect every kind of object about parrots: from statues to pelouches to gadgets of every kind and shape! The most important thing is that they must have parrots on them! I adore birds, and I love parrots with all my heart! <3

7 - I love to do experiments with food. Usually I don't follow a recipe, because even if I want to do that I use my nose to change ingredients and spices. If my nose tells me that that spice is better than the one on the recipe I go for it! My hubby calls me Remi (like the rat from Pixar' "Ratatouille") because of my fine sense of smell that is always right! For this reason I'm too sensitive about stinks! Bleurgh! XD

I don't tag because I'm not that sadistic (LOL) But if you want to do this meme please be my guest!
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