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Zel, the feathered snake

The slashy/yaoish fairy

Laura aka Zel

Warning, I'm a slash/yaoi fangirl who draws, both for job and pleasure, about male/male relationships... if you are against the arg, please don't sue and go away! Thank you so much!
Instead, if you share my obsessions, we could become friends! This is mostly a "Friends only" locked journal, because of my mature artworks! If the arg leaves you totally blank but you like art and comics, well... WELCOME on my LJ the same! There is something for you too! ^^


Attenzione, sono una slash/yaoi fangirl, che disegna, sia per lavoro che per piacere, scene omoerotiche e fumetti ad egual tematica. Se non ami questo genere di cose, per favore non insultare e ignorami, grazie!
Se invece condividi questa mia ossessione, potremmo diventare amici! Questo è un journal quasi del tutto "friends only" perchè la maggior parte dei miei disegni è vietata ai minori. Se l'argomento ti lascia totalmente indifferente, beh... BENVENUTO ugualmente sul mio LJ! C'è anche qualcosa per te!

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The Marvellous Layout of my Journal is made by mythicized, the fantastic header is made by my sister xel1980

A little about me

I'm an italian professional comic artist
I draw Winx Club comic and yaoi original comics for Drama Queen and Fireangels.
Anyway I find always the time to draw my yaoi fanarts, the most funny hobby for me! ^^
I'm usually opened to commissions, but I'm a busy bee, so ask if I can! I'm sorry! ç_ç

My fandoms:

Black Jack:
Dr.Kiriko/Black Jack and viceversa

Lunge/Tenma, Johan/Tenma

Montecristo/Albert, Fernand/Montecristo and viceversa

Samurai 7:
Kanbei/Shichiroji and viceversa (my OTP forever), Shichiroji/Kyuzo, Kyuzo/Katsushirou, Gorobei/Rikichi

House MD:
House/Wilson and viceversa

Ten/Master and viceversa, Nine/Jack and viceversa

Jack/Ianto and viceversa

Life on Mars:
Gene/Sam, Ray/Chris

Rhodey/Tony and viceversa, Tony/Jarvis and viceversa (LOL), Steve/Tony and viceversa, Tony/Bruce Banner and viceversa, Tony/Armour

Sherlock Holmes:
Watson/Holmes and viceversa, Holmes/Lestrade

Sylar/Peter and viceversa, Sylar/Everyone is good the same! XD

Star Trek:
Spock/Kirk and viceversa, Spock/Kirk/McCoy only in 3some! ^O^/
albert de morcerf, anime, anthony edward stark, art deco, art nouveau, artemisia gentileschi, astroboy, avengers, ayano yamane, aztecs, bara, barocco, bjork, bl, black jack, broke back mountain, brokeback mountain, c.s.i, caravaggio, chocolate, comics, count of montecristo, david tennant, diru, doctor/master, dollfie, dr. john watson, dr.house, dr.who, dr.wilson, draco malfoy, drama queen, drawing, edward norton, fernand de morcerf, fur, gankutsuou, gay mafia, gene hunt, gene/sam, gorobei, gregory house, harry lockhart, harry potter, haràzyn, hl, hl/rsl, holmes/watson, homoerotica, house/wilson, houson, hugh laurie, hugh/robert, hulk, iris print, ironman, italy, jack/ianto, jake gyllenhaal, james rhodes, james wilson, japan, jarvis, kambei, kambei/shichiroji, kazusa takashima, kikuchiyo, kiriko, kiriko/black jack, kiss kiss bang bang, kkbb, klimt, leonardo, life on mars, love circles, lunge, lunge/tenma, manga, marvel, master/doctor, michelangelo, monster, mucha, mythology, naoki urasawa, naono bohra, omar epps, osamu tezuka, parrots, perry van shrike, perry/harry, rhodey/tony, robert downey jr, robert sean leonard, robin williams, ron weasley, roulette, rsl, rush magazine, sam tyler, samurai 7, schiele, sedith, seinen, seinen ai, seven samurai, sherlock holmes, shichiroji, shounen ai, shounen-ai, slash, stark/banner, steve rogers, steve/tony, steven rogers, sting, tardis, tenma, the master, the tenth doctor, tony stark, tony stark/bruce banner, tony/bruce, tony/jarvis, torchwood, watson/holmes, wilson/house, winx, yaoi